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Parce qu’une bonne décision peut changer à tout jamais le cours de ton existence…

A Dream come True
Par Edem Amegbo, Jardin d'Edem | 16 mars 2019

Let me introduce myself; Edem Amegbo, originally from Togo, a small country in West Africa. My arrival in the Brome-Missisquoi area goes back to 2007, when I got my first job as an electronics technician for a big local company.

Very quickly I learned to love this part of the country for its amazing landscapes, its cycling routes, but also for the great lifestyle I found here. After some years, I realized that my true passion wasn’t electronics but rather agriculture. I therefore started putting a plan together to prepare for my career shift. This is why I worked for two seasons on a vegetable farm in Farnham (the 3 Samson farm) and completed a distance-training program in agriculture, offered by the University of Laval.

I was then ready for the next step: finding a farm to start my project. It was difficult because farms are very expensive. The CLD of Brome-Missisquoi told me about a project called Banque de terre (Today known as Arterre). This service helps farm hopefuls to find a property they can rent.

So, in autumn of 2014, I met Hélène Poirier and Vincent Barabé of Domaine de la Terre promise, in East Farnham. We agreed on the leasing terms for their land and in the spring of 2015, the Jardin d’Edem was launched with a production of about thirty vegetables and some fruits as well.

My vegetables are mainly sold as organic food baskets at the farmers’ market and at a few area grocery stores. I also gave myself a personal challenge: To develop my expertise in African vegetable production to meet the needs of the always-growing African population in the region. I hope to see Quebec citizens, who would like to learn more about these products, discover them as well. These vegetables include okra, West-Africa sorrel, gboma, African eggplant and amaranth.

So, we’re now five years later and I’m still working at Domaine de la Terre promise. I feel at ease here and over the years I’ve developed a good and trusting relationship with the owners Vincent and Hélène who help me a lot in preparing the soil with their machinery.

To know more about my project, here is a video made by la Terre de chez nous.




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