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A good decision can change your life forever…

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A Workspace that Stimulates Creativity
by Isabelle Dumont, CLD Brome-Missisquoi | 14 March 2019

It is a well-known fact in business circles that the best ideas appear in hallways, a phenomenon also true for making important decisions or discovering new clients. A cup of coffee in our hand, we inadvertently run into a colleague or a partner as we’re heading for our break; we start talking, which leads us to a sudden, great discovery, or better still, to the solution we have just spent days looking for, sitting alone in an office. The happy coincidental hallway conversations, as I like to call them!

But, how can we provoke these chance hallway conversations when we’re business creators or working from home as freelancers?

We get out of our comfy sweats and adopt the dress code of coworking!

Did you know that Brome-Missisquoi has its own collaborative work zone set inside the offices of their Centre Local de Développement (CLD)? Coincidence? No, not this time! The CLD wanted to create a complete ecosystem for its startup entrepreneurial clientele, established professional freelancers, and the CLD business development consultants (who will gladly give all kinds of information simply for a smile!); It’s a great way to encourage happy coincidences in a non-virtual social network (Amen!) and to stimulate creativity with the economical builders of our charming region! Coffee, of course, is included in the price! The hallways as well…


The place also offers several events according to the needs of the occupants, such as training activities, workshops, cocktail hours, contests, etc.

Work spaces are offered at an affordable price and include a 24/7 secured access, Wi-Fi high-speed Internet, access to a black and white printer (price per copy), furniture, heating/lighting/air conditioning (phew!) … meeting rooms, a professional address, a kitchenette, cleaning services, parking spaces and a privileged access to the services offered by the CLD of Brome-Missisquoi.

What are you waiting for? Experience life as a coworker in Brome-Missisquoi!

Location: 749, Principale Street, Cowansville


Ca y est vous pouvez venir vous installer dans la ZONE BM

Posted by La Zone BM – espace de coworking on Tuesday, April 12, 2016



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