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Year of creation
Services industriels
Brome Compost
BROME Compost Inc. focuses on developing industrial composting for businesses of all sizes. We also promote composting as an eco-responsible solution to waste management. BROME Compost inc.’s activities range from the conception of BROME Composting Systems to their manufacturing, their on-site installation and operator training and support.
For the Brome Compost team, building an efficient and user-friendly system is only a part of our mission. The true challenge resides in optimizing the composter and the composting process so that every customer’s specific needs and goals are met. In order to fully take advantage of the virtues of composting, every system is tailored to the client. By indicating their needs to our experts from the outset, BROME Compost inc.’s clients are sure to get their project off to a good start with the goal of redesigning their business’ waste management plan.
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The socioeconomic hub of the MRC, Cowansville offers all the services of larger cities without the traffic and other inconveniences. Although it has developed a lot over the years, the town maintains a friendly neighbourly spirit. We choose to live in Cowansville for its proximity to nature and its dynamic citizens.


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