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Students Promote a Zero Waste Lunchbox
by Michel Moreau, principal of the school, La Clé-des-Champs | 17 March 2019

About a dozen students attending La Clé-des-Champs School have been working for the last few months on a common goal: To reduce the waste found in lunchboxes.

Accompanied by the Trois Flèches Productions team, these students have created a video starring a character called the “Garbage Cowboy.”

By producing this video, the students hope to send their initiative and their message to other schools.

Because they care for the planet and being aware of what is at stake for the environment, these young people have decided to do their part. Thanks to a grant and the help of several volunteering parents, they were able to put forth concrete actions to create an awareness with others.

The school, La Clé-des-Champs mandated Trois Flèches Productions to produce the Zero Waste lunchbox video. The project was scripted in a narrative style, by following the cowboy theme, proposed by the students. We follow this cowboy (Martin Skorek) in his quest for a world without waste and we discover what the students like to put inside a zero waste lunchbox!

In fact, the enterprising young students meet during every lunchtime and put their ideas together. Besides the video, they worked on informing other classes, creating information posters and preparing rewards for good habits. They were also present during lunchtime to help sort waste or to make cloth zip-lock-type bags. Indeed, they have plenty of creative ideas for reducing the amount of waste found in bins generated by lunchboxes.

Michel Moreau,
Principal of the school, La Clé-des-Champs
450 295-2722



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