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A good decision can change your life forever…

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The Neighbour and Her Field
by Marie-Ève Lafond | 14 March 2019

About 18 years ago was the first time I set foot in CowansvilleIt was upon a lovely August evening, the now-defunct “Music en Vue” festival was in full swing and I was in love.

I came here to meet a charming young man from the area, who was staying with his parents while he was working for the festival that weekend.

I can still clearly see myself stepping out of the bus, my head looking up, breathing in the air and something inside telling me: “what a great feeling … one day I’ll make this my home”…

Yet, I didn’t exactly land in the most bucolic area of the town; I was in the parking lot of the taxi stand, by the railway tracks! Perhaps love might have been a strong enough filter to prevent my eyes from seeing this decor!  

Fifteen years, 3 children and many adventures later, my family and I decided to leave the city; We wanted to find more space, more silence, and for myself, I had a vegetable growing project on the table, waiting to get started.

After spending 4 seasons managing community gardens in Montreal, I put my plans for Le Champs de la Voisine down on paper, while following entrepreneurial classes.

Everything flowed with exceptional smoothness: the financing, the business plan, the partners, the support of the MRC and the CLD, the land… In less than 6 months, I was pushing my shovel into the ground for the first time.

Brome-Missisquoi is the region for inspiring projects, entrepreneurs with a vision, sustainable development and an evolving community; The perfect setting for an ambitious project such as Le Champs de la Voisine.

It’s no wonder that this project has received such an amount of support from the community; It’s why it is so successful.

Marie-Ève Lafond, Champ de la Voisine

Location: 391, rue des Pivoines, Cowansville

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