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Fill up on Nature…and Culture!
Par Élodie Malroux | 15 mars 2019

I’ve been working in the cultural field for the past ten years and I’m in the habit of stepping out whenever I feel like it, whether for my job or just for myself. In Montreal, the cultural offer is abundant and accessible, no matter what your taste or your budget might be.

Grand scale and average size institutions are making constant efforts to present rich and attractive programs, while the Maisons de la culture and local libraries stand out with their free quality activities.

By leaving the city to move to Brome-Missisquoi, I therefore had some expectations… Coming to live in the country, OK; putting an end to my outings, no!

This area is known for its wide-open spaces, its vineyards and its terroir products—all elements of a local culture and identity—but what about the cultural offer in the region?

My first reflex is to type “culture Brome-Missisquoi” in my browser. At the top of the list http://www.carrementculture.ca/en/, where a calendar proposes several outing suggestions and a cultural repertory. Notably, you’ll find the main cultural venues classified according to the art and also the towns where to find them. This will allow you to refine your search to better suit your situation and personal interests. This platform led me to several websites and Facebook pages.

From regularly checking out websites and Facebook pages and from my own personal experience, here are some not-to-be missed venues and events for performing arts:

  1. Le Beat & Betterave (Frelighsburg)
  2. Les Festifolies (Saint-Armand)
  3. L’Archipel (Cowansville)
  4. Sur la scène Davignon (Cowansville)
  5. La Salle Alec & Gérard Pelletier (Sutton)
  6. Théâtre Lac-Brome (Ville of Brome-Lake)
  7. The Centre culturel St-John (Bromont)
  8. Bromont, montagne d’expérience (Bromont)

One of my favourites is the Gabrielle-Giroux-Bertrand library, in Cowansville, The library and the Centre d’art in Dunham and D’Arts et de rêves in Sutton. Here, the entire family can come in contact with art in all its forms.



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