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Five Not-to-Be-Missed Sports Events
Par | 30 avril 2019

In Brome-Missisquoi has loads of sports events to offer! Indeed, every year the region hosts many events, gathering marathon runners, cyclists and other high-level athletes and amateur sports lovers.

Here, people feel passionate about these happenings. In fact, the region is well known for being a favourite venue for many different competitions.

Here are ten events where you’ll find both locals as visitors among the participants as onlookers.


1. The Half Marathon Tour du Lac-Brome

This annual event has been held for the last 30 years in the town of Brome Lake, near a magnificent vacation community. It’s a prestigious race and one of the most renowned in Quebec. The program includes races going from 1 km to 22.2 km.

A spectacular landscape, duck sausages offered to the runners after they’ve completed the race, the encouragement of the community and an outdoor party to end the day makes the Tour du Lac Brome an event that simply can’t be missed!

2. The Xtrail Sutton Event

Xtrail Sutton is a trail race accessible to everyone and is always organized in a festive atmosphere! The runners, with their warrior look and attitude, take on this mountain challenge by negotiating their way in, around and over roots, rocks, mud and streams. Once again, an event set inside a magnificent decor and meeting all the expectations of competition amateurs.

3. The 100 à B7 Cycling Event

This event gathers cyclists who are willing to take on the challenging routes of athlete Lyne Bessette’s training course. Being from the region, she shares all the well-hidden secrets of the area and has the participants truly appreciate discovering the wonderful landscapes. What a great way to ride and enjoy our magnificent region!

4. The International de Bromont

This is one of the most important international equestrian competitions of Eastern Canada. The event is held at the Parc équestre olympique de Bromont. Lasting several days, horse lovers can enjoy this incredible venue and attend spectacular trials. The event gathers hundreds of riders from all around the world.

5. The Bromont Ultra

Today a well-established event within the trail race landscape of Quebec, the Bromont Ultra is constantly growing in popularity. It’s now one of the emblematic long-distance races of Eastern Canada. Besides its mythic 160 km mountain trail ultramarathon, other individual and team races are also organized.

Clearly, there are plenty of opportunities to move and get into shape here!



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