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Microbreweries: Catalyst of Social Life
Par Rémi Jacques, CLD Brome-Missisquoi | 17 mars 2019

Microbreweries have the wind in their sails and are expanding throughout Quebec. Brome-Missiquoi is no stranger to the phenomena. We can count six, and soon eight microbreweries on our territory; one of them has been named among the best in the world.

The success of these microbreweries doesn’t only have to do with the excellent beers we find here, but it also has to do with the local communities that support them. According to Simon Gaudreault of Brasserie Dunham:

Microbreweries have somewhat replaced church steps or general stores in many villages. People come together here and exchange all kinds of information so they become a choice place for developing and transmitting culture. They also contribute to community life in these villages!

The same goes for Dominique Miville-Deschênes, who founded his microbrewery Microbrasserie À l’Abordage, in Sutton, a few years ago.

We, of course, believe that a brewery will have a gathering effect on a community. In our microbrewery, we see this a lot during the winter ski weekends or, even more so, on the eve of a snow storm. People come together with their friends or family after having spent the day outdoors. They greet one another, they exchange smiles and share stories without necessarily knowing each other very well… These are great shared moments and all this creates a nice ambiance.

So, finally, a microbrewery is an ideal place to meet people and to integrate a community. Personally, I myself have met some particularly amazing people who will remain in my memory for a long time.


The microbreweries of Brome-Missisquoi

Microbrasserie Dunham

3809 Rue Principale, Dunham

Microbrasserie Farnham

401, boulevard Normandie Nord, Farnham

Microbrasserie À l’Abordage

10, rue Principale Sud, Sutton 

Microbrasserie Sutton Brouërie

27, rue Principale Sud, Sutton 

Brasseurs de West Shefford

92, boulevard de Bromont, Bromont

Brasseurs de Brouemont

107, boulevard de Bromont, Bromont




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